September 14, 2013

Visiting every school is a self-imposed obligation

Parliament returned early from its summer recess to discuss the situation in Syria.

It was a sombre return to work, with many Members expressing their concern about the reports coming out of the region.

The House sat late in order that as many colleagues as possible could have their say, and many excellent contributions were heard.

The schools have, by and large, returned and I am looking forward to resuming my regular visits to classrooms and staffrooms across the constituency.

I make a point of visiting every school in the Buckingham constituency in the course of a Parliament, and I am pleased that I am on track to fulfil this self-imposed obligation.

I thoroughly enjoy chatting to staff and pupils, and count myself very lucky that there are so many excellent educational establishments in the area.

Likewise, I am always keen to meet with local businesses and charities, so if you would like me to come to your shop or community organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my office.

I know that HS2 continues to be a serious concern to local residents.

I am led to believe that the consultation on the compensation package will be launched very shortly.

I would urge all readers to respond – as I will – to the consultation, and leave HS2 in no doubt that if this ruinous and illconceived scheme is to proceed, nothing less than the best possible compensation package will be acceptable for all those affected.

They say that it is a sign of old age when one starts complaining that the time goes more quickly, but looking at my diary in the run-up to Christmas makes me feel very elderly indeed.

Aside from my usual constituency surgeries and school visits, I already have a packed calendar of charity collections, meetings with the police and community representatives, to name but a few.

I anticipate a busy few months ahead but, with both the schools and Parliament now back, I am looking forward to the task ahead.