December 2, 2015


In recent weeks, I have been approached by a great number of my constituents voicing their concerns about the ongoing situation in Syria. I appreciate constituents taking the time to contact me, and thank them for sharing their views on this matter. As always, I have striven to respond to every constituent who has contacted me the voice their views.

As Speaker, and in accordance with the longstanding tradition that the Speaker is independent of party, I must remain impartial and politically neutral. Therefore, unless a casting vote is required, I do not take part in any division of the House of Commons.

However, following the significant number of representations received, I recently wrote to Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Foreign Secretary, requesting he look into the issues raised by my constituents and provide me with his comments. I have since a response, a copy of which can be found here.

Please be assured that as Speaker, I will ensure that a balanced debate, during which all views are heard, takes place under my chairmanship on this matter before any vote is called.