July 22, 2016

Stop HS2

John Bercow has joined Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan to call on the new Transport Secretary to reconsider the HS2 project.

In a joint letter, the MPs wrote:

“You will appreciate that we represent constituencies affected by High Speed 2 and are writing to you to ask whether you would consider undertaking a thorough assessment of the project with a view to determining whether the proposals, as they stand, really do deliver the best value for money and have the potential to deliver the desired outcomes.  

“Successive Major Project Authority/Infrastructure and Project Authority reports have cast doubt as to the deliverability of the project, with the cost of the scheme now estimated to be some ¬£56 billion.  
“In light of the fact that the scheme’ business case seems to exist on shifting sands and the fact that the National Audit Office has expressed concerns about the cost and the ability to deliver the project, we would welcome a thorough, independent review of High Speed 2 before it can be allowed to proceed.  
“We have always been clear that we do not believe the project to be in the national interest.  With constituencies which are severely and adversely affected by High Speed 2, we know only too well the detrimental impact that the scheme will have (indeed, is already having).  We call on you to thoroughly reconsider this project before it causes untold damage to so many with the very real risk that it does not achieve what it sets out to – a very real prospect.”