February 28, 2018

MP congratulates local firm

Abbot Fire Group were delighted to be presented with their certificate from the LPCB, the Loss Prevention Certification Board, for LPS 1531 Appendix 1; the installation and application of passive fire protection products. The certificate was presented by Ruth Tucker, LPCB Installer Scheme Manager, to Nigel Walton, Manager Director of Abbot Fire Group.

John Bercow, MP for Buckingham, was also present at the event and said: “Huge congratulations to the team at Abbot Fire Group for achieving this approval, which is hugely valuable to their business. The company continues to do well, and achieves this by training, nurturing and encouraging their staff to develop. The great focus of getting everyone in the business involved demonstrates the commitment to develop. Long may the business continue to grow; I’m proud to have you based in my constituency.”

Nigel Walton, Director of Abbot Fire Group, receiving the award took the opportunity to thank his team: “You’re all part of the business, and we can’t run Abbot Fire Group without you. You’re the face of the company that serves clients so well and you go the extra mile. I’m proud to have such a great team that continues to strive to be the best.”

Passive fire protection is the process of protecting a business from the risk and spread of fire by ensuring the premises fire compartmentation integrity is maintained. This is achieved by using fully fireproof intumescent materials. Further details about passive fire protection can be found at http://abbotfiregroup.co.uk/fire-safety-products/passive-fire-protection.

Full details of the fire safety products and services offered by Abbot Fire Group can be found at www.abbotfiregroup.co.uk.