February 14, 2015

I’m not the shortest Speaker ever, but take into account several have lost their heads!

I am immensely proud of all of our schools, especially in light of what they achieved in the School and College Performance tables which were released the week before last. 

Across the board, Buckingham constituency schools performed superbly, and it is a tribute to the pupils, the staff and the leadership of the respective headteachers. 

I hope and anticipate that our schools will continue to thrive, and I look forward to congratulating them on their further improvement next year. It is also a pleasure to welcome schools to Parliament and I have, over the years, organised tours for many students and teachers. The tour is fascinating for adults and children alike, and covers the Commons, Lords and Westminster Hall – the oldest part of Parliament and the scene of at least one trial resulting in a grisly execution. 

The Education Service, based in Parliament, also run workshops teaching the young people how Bills become laws and allowing them to hold their own mock sitting of the House of Commons. Afterwards, if there’s time, groups often come for a look around the state rooms in Speaker’s House and are introduced to some of the more notable Speakers of bygone times. Of grisly executions of Speakers there are several; as I always like to explain, I am not the shortest Speaker ever, but you do have to take into account that several have lost their heads! If you are a parent or a teacher who would be interested in organising such a visit, please do get in touch with my office. Our schools are a credit to our area, and I will continue to support them, as the local Member of Parliament, in whatever way I can.

First published in the Buckingham Advertiser.