July 15, 2013

HS2 Environmental Consultation

John Bercow MP has responded to the High Speed 2 Draft Environmental Statement Consultation, highlighting a great many concerns he continues to hold about the ¬£50 billion project. In Mr Bercow’ response, he made clear his position that the HS2 project is all pain and no gain, urging the government to discontinue with the project altogether.

In his response, Mr Bercow said “The Draft Environmental Statement fails to assuage any of my concerns and does not change my vociferous opposition to this monstrous project. By every yardstick, the HS2 plan fails to meet the test of serving the public interest. The cost to the public purse, already obscenely large, is rising exponentially and in an era of austerity it seems extraordinary even to countenance such an outlay. The mitigations proposed thus far have been very limited and I share the assessment of my constituents that HS2 has not even begun to reckon with the scale of what is required to alleviate the detrimental impact on the area which I represent.”

John Bercow – Response to the Draft Environmental Statement by Bucks_constituency