High Speed 2 Hybrid Bill

Hybrid Bills are relatively unique and are used when a project affects the interests of specific individuals and organisation.  

The Parliamentary Process

25th November 2013

First Reading

The Bill is presented to the House and the Environmental Statement is made available.  Public consultation on the Statement commences.

24th January 2014

Consultation on the Environmental Statement closes



An Independent Assessor presents the responses of the Environmental Statement.



Second Reading

MPs have the opportunity to debate the Bill and a vote takes place.  If the Bill passes its Second Reading, the principle of the Bill is agreed.


Select Committee established

The Select Committee will hear evidence and petitions in relation to the Bill.



Directly affected parties can petition the Hybrid Bill Committee.  The Petition cannot be about anything other than seeking mitigation/slight route alignments.


Public Bill Committee

A cross-party panel of MPs reviews and examines the Bill.  Further changes can be made at this stage.


Report and Third Reading



House of Lords approval



Returns to the Commons

The Commons will consider any amendments made by the Lords


Royal Assent


The consultation on the Environmental Statement is now running.  This consultation closes on 24th January 2014 and the response form is available here.


Map books and explanatory notes are available here.


A background paper compiled by the House of Commons Library about Hybrid Bills is available here.