August 1, 2015

First weeks back after Parliamentary Recess

John writes for the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser & Bucks Herald.

The House of Commons returned from the summer recess on the 7th September and it was wonderful to see the Westminster estate burst into life again as staff and MPs returned from their time away from London.

As I am sure many readers will be aware, there were a number of issues which dominated the narrative upon the House’s return; the ‘Refugee Crisis’ and Assisted Dying Bill, to name but two, have not only sparked robust debate in the Chamber but have also inspired a great number of local residents to contact me directly in order to voice their own concerns. As always, I have striven to ensure that Buckingham’s voice is heard at the highest level of Government and have taken these particular matters up directly with the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for Justice respectively.

Recently we celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s achievement in becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history, overtaking her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, at approximately 5.30pm on 9th September 2015. On the day, tributes in the Chamber were led by the Prime Minister. I have had the privilege of meeting Her Majesty on a number of occasions and it was an honour to be present in the House whilst colleagues from all corners of the country paid homage to her, both as Britain’s greatest advocate and its longest ruling sovereign.

The Buckingham constituency has seen five Members of Parliament since Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 but she herself has been served by no fewer than 12 Prime Ministers. As Head of State to approximately 140 million people world-wide, 63 million of whom live in the United Kingdom, Her Majesty will surely continue to reign over us for a while longer yet.