September 7, 2014

Busy months ahead as Parliament makes its return

The weather’s taken a turn for the worst, the House of Commons has returned after the summer recess, and the palpable sense of “back to school” that descends every September is upon us. 

I managed to get away for a week with my family, but now that Parliament is back in session, it’s time to gear up for the autumn term. I have a packed schedule of both London and Buckingham constituency engagements for the next couple of weeks, plus my regular advice surgery. This week I will be mainly in the Winslow and Quainton areas but, with the diary booking up quickly in the run up to Christmas (it really does come earlier every year, doesn’t it?), I anticipate that I’ll be putting the car through its paces over the coming months.  

Whilst I always enjoy my travels around the Buckingham constituency and meeting with local residents, it’s equally as pleasant to be given the opportunity greet constituents in Parliament too. This month I will be hosting, as I tend to do most years, the Bucks Art for All group. My artistic ability just about stretches to stick-men on my best day, so it’s a pleasure to see the professionals at work, and the end results are always stunning.  

I will also have the pleasure of the company of a group from the University of Buckingham in connection with a trip they will be undertaking to London, as well as a visit from the Winslow Youth Club later in the month. Of course, it not just organisations and clubs who come to Westminster – any local resident can arrange for a tour of the House of Parliament via my office, so please get in touch if this is something you would be interested in.  

First published in the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser.